Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everything must go!

So, it's clear now that I was stressing over what turned out to be nothing.  Last week, I was majorly worried about how my boss was going to take me telling her the news about the big move.  Well, it couldn't have gone better.  It is always so reassuring when people agree with the decision T and I have made.  And, luckily everyone at work was absolutely behind us. 

Now, we are on to some more next steps.  We are selling EVERYTHING...well, not everything.  But, it certainly seems like that.  The apartment is slowly clearing out but I think the more things we sell and move out, the more we realize just how much stuff we have.  The whole stuff thing is interesting to me.  These are just things and they are 100% replaceable.  But when you've spent the past 6 post-college years amassing all of these things, it starts to feel weird just selling them.  Not to mention, it seems like all of my stuff is selling and none of T's stuff seems to sell.  I'm going to start double-posting all of his stuff on craigslist.  The more we sell, the less we have to pack, right? 

Right now, T is in the midst of packing up all of the stuff we will be storing while we are in Sydney.  I, on the other hand, am hanging out in bed and nursing a killer cold.  Hopefully, this cold will subside soon because we only have 3 weekends of college football before we leave.  And, I would love to be able to go to the home opener.  Here's hoping that the pressure-washer doesn't show up at 4:00 in the morning like it did this morning. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dropping the News

The visa is done, T's job offer is signed and I only have one more thing to do--quit my job.  Actually, we have thousands more things to do (sell all of our stuff, pack, find me a job in Australia).  But, I think until I tell my boss our plans, the move to Sydney won't seem real.  We board a plane to Australia in 23 days (thank you countdown app--I think I may have just vomited a little in my mouth out of shear anxiety).  And, there really isn't any more time to stall in telling my boss that we are leaving.  Originally, T and I planned to go out to Sydney in October, but everything has been moved up a few weeks.  Which means we leave on a flight September 20th.  If all goes to plan with my job, I'll come back at the beginning of October and finish out the year at my current job.  This being the second time I have quit this same job, I am not sure how the news will be received.  (Unlike T's job where there were lots of hugs and congrats.)  So, the stress of this news has lead a little girl talk with a very supportive friend, some wine and just a touch of baking.

Speaking of friends, luckily, I was able to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people, one of whom I've know almost my entire life.  And, she will be welcoming her first baby in just a few short months--can't want to meet you, Baby Kate.  As some of this Australia stuff gets real, it makes be feel incredibly lucky that I still have a few more months with these great friends.  Preparing for this trip has been a study in dichotomy as it has been difficult not to focus on the events and people we will miss dearly when were are away while trying to keep in mind the exciting things we will surely experience in Sydney.  It's hard not to relate everything to what we will be here for and what we will miss.  Even seeing previews for movies and new TV shows is a constant reminder of what we will miss.  I am reminding myself that even though there are things we are missing, we have great adventures waiting for us in Sydney and those wonderful people in our lives will stay in our lives even a half of a world away from us. 

Tomorrow we will be one step closer to those fantastic times.  Keep your fingers crossed that the step goes easily.