Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Step Closer

We are one step closer to actually having a home here in Sydney.  Today we completed an application to rent an apartment in an area called McMahon's Point.  (It's a two bedroom in hopes that we will have some future guests.)  The plan is to finish signing all of the lease info tomorrow and pick up the keys to our new place.  After we get the keys, we will be renting a car to pick up some little things for the apartment (though it's furnished, we want to have our own sheets, silverware, etc.).  Then, we'll stay just one more night in the hotel and make our final move on Friday morning. 

McMahon's Point is a peninsula that juts out into the water.  From the train station, you can walk directly downhill out to the harbor.  Thank goodness our place is at the top of the hill because I don't know that I could walk all the way up the hill every morning.  I am really looking forward to finally feeling like we have an address and a place to live.  Once we get in the place and get a little more situated, I cannot wait to share some photos.  For now, here is a photo from the bottom of the hill. 

Not a bad view
Big shocker here, Todd loves the new place because we have a view of the bridge.  He LOVES bridges...

Todd looking longingly from Observatory Hill
I have to say, one of the most amazing things about Todd (besides his love of bridges) is that he has kept me laughing since we started dating.  And, luckily this trip has been no different.  I have run the gamete of emotions since we got here and we have certainly been in some of the most interesting situations while looking for apartments.  But, I can always count on Todd for a silly look when someone says something completely off the wall to us or a great joke about the completely awkward situations we have gotten ourselves into while being here.  This has been a pretty hectic week and I am sure I would not have made it through without this guy.

View from Woolloomooloo--yep, that's the real name of the city


  1. First things first...I miss you.

    BUD!!!! So exciting that you found a potential place! I can't wait to see the pics!!!

  2. Miss you guys! Thanks for the blog too! Love technology, makes the distance seem not so far. -Tiffany